We did a family charity run yesterday morning, which was followed closely by one of my kid’s scheduled classes. I ran home in between and frantically tried to find something for lunch. We were out of leftovers, and I hadn’t put anything in the solar cooker to make. Thankfully, I did leave the solar oven outside, so it was hot. (They tell you not to do this, by the way. I see why too. Mine was up to 375 degrees!)

Since it was so nicely preheated, I took a pizza wheel to some corn tortillas in the frig and threw them onto a cookie sheet. I solar cooked them for maybe 15 minutes. The result was some lovely tortilla chips that had no oils!


I served them with some refried beans and salsa and sliced fruit. It was yummy and tasted better than fast food!

Rating: a nice alternative to store chips. We will be doing this again!