Gluten-free Pasta, Here I Come!

I’ll admit it – I’ve been purposely avoiding pasta. We eat it all the time in our house, but it’s always gluten-free and it’s ridiculously easy to mess up on its own. ┬áHonestly I usually don’t make it for company because it turns out awful. However, we needed to grocery shop and pasta was what we had left for dinner, so here goes solar cooked pasta.

I treated it as a one dish meal. I used the solar oven to heat the water, then I brought it inside and let the broccoli and pasta sit in the water to cook. Once it was tender, I drained it and served it with pasta sauce and beans.

It worked! The pasta was cooked correctly and good. The kida ate it and we got off to our evening activities in time! My one complaint is that there was a bit of a solar oven smell to the food. I think I probably need to clean my oven. But that will be another day and another post!

Rating: success! I fear pasta no more. Next time: Quinoa ­čÖé