Mush Muffins

I cannot believe the number of posts I have made recently where the best description of the food is mush. I wonder if I am doing something fundamentally wrong in my cooking?

True to my word, I made a new batch of muffin batter using the banana oat recipe from the other day. I used rice flour instead of wheat flour, but otherwise the recipe was the same. I poured it into the muffin tin again, positioned it in the preheated solar oven, and waited patiently until the toothpick came out clean (which took almost an hour).

I pulled them out to cool and it was clear immediately that the insides were undercooked. However the tops were done and I didn’t feel that more time in the oven would help. I thought maybe they would solidify as they cooled…

Nope. The recipe is a complete dud. I won’t waste the space posting it here. I am sorry to say that we made wonderful banana oat compost.

I am on a muffin kick though, so seriously, if you have a favorite recipe, post it in the comments! I’ll vegan it up and try it out in the solar cooker. You can even get a review in your name ­čÖé

Batter Up

So, remember that oat muffin batter I was saving from yesterday? I had it in the refrigerator overnight, and this morning I preheated the oven and poured it back into my trusty muffin tin. Then, as I started for the door, I took a quick lick of some of the batter that had landed on the side of the pan.

Holy alcoholic batter! I couldn’t bring myself to actually bake them, as I didn’t want to poison anyone!

I think this may turn our like my banana bread saga. Apparently I am not meant to bake with bananas. Tune in tomorrow as I make one more valiant effort to bake some banana out muffins!

If you have a great muffin recipe you want tries in the solar oven, please feel free to post it here! I’d love to try something new!

Mushy Muffins

Once again, I found this wonderful banana oat muffin recipe on pinterest. I really wanted to bake something edible, and this looked well above that standard.

I mixed up the batter, poured it into my muffin tin with liners, and popped it into my preheated solar oven.

However, it was 3:30 PM. I thought that maybe with the increased sumer heat I would be able to eak out a few more cooking rays.

No suck luck. While I did get the muffins into a 300┬░ F oven, I was not able to sustain the temperature long enough. I ended up with mush.


I will post the recipe if I can manage to make these edible. I put the extra batter into the refrigerator to try again tomorrow.

For those of you new to solar cooking, please remember that if your muffin tin is shiny like mine, then you need to out a black, cotton towel over it when baking so that you aren’t reflecting the sun’s rays back out.

Rating: usual disaster. Better luck tomorrow!