Tough, I Mean Teff

As usual, I never meant to make teff at our house. (For those of you not familiar, teff is an African grain.) I had wanted to make injera, which is the spongey bread used to eat Etheopian food. It is made from teff flour, which is happily gluten-free. So, I got on Amazon and ordered some teff flour, and tried to ferment it to make the bread.

The only problem was that my teff kept sprouting instead of fermenting! Low and behold, I had ordered whole teff instead of the flour. So, I figured I should learn to cook with it since I now had four bags!

It turns out it is easy to cook. One part teff plus four parts water is the proportion and you cook it the same way you make rice. I like to put some in the crock pot overnight and eat some for breakfast.

Solar Teff

1 cup teff

4 cups water

1 cup banana puree

Mix together and then put in solar cooker for 3-4 hours until the water is absorbed.

Eat it like oatmeal with berries and milk on top. It has a flavor somewhat like malt-o-meal.



Rating: good. We will be having this for breakfast a few days this week. The banana makes it sweeter, which the kids like.