One Pot Quinoa

I am pretty lazy when it comes to cooking, which is why the solar oven and one pot meals are so attractive to me. I love how quick it is to throw everything in one dish and have that much less mess to clean up at the end of it all.

Yesterday I tried a solar version of a quinoa dish that originally hails from the Allergen Free cooking recipe book. I followed most of their recipe. Here is my version:

Quinoa with corn and black beans

1 cup uncooked Quinoa

2 cups water

1 cup frozen corn

1 cup cooked black beans

3 green onions, chopped

Stir all together in an oven safe pot, put the lid on and then solar cook for a few hours. Mine took about 2 hours. It is done when the quinoa is fluffy.

Then bring it inside and add some quartered grape tomatoes, as well as the juice of one lime, a bit of cumin, and some salt and pepper. A sprinkle of sugar won’t hurt either. Stir well and enjoy!

Rating: success! My kids ate it, and it was naturally vegan and gluten-free so my nephew could have some also. I need to look up more one dish dinners to solar cook!