Easter Challenge!

I was so nervous about cooking yesterday. I know that I have used the solar cooker many times before, but yesterday it was for OTHER PEOPLE! My family is always stuck with my cooking, which is a bit dubious at times, but I always want to give other people a good and tasty meal, and I am not confident in my ability to do that most days.

Yesterday I decided to downgrade us to vegetarians and make au gratin potatoes in the solar cooker to go with a meal of BBQ lentils and pineapple.

I had never made the potatoes before (always a great way to start a cooking adventure for company), but they looked easy. I used:

Au Gratin Potatoes

7 thinly sliced potatoes (done in the food processor – thanks Mom!)

2 cups almond milk

4 Tbsp rice flour

2 cups shredded cheese

1 diced onion

Salt and pepper

I buttered my cast iron pot with vegan butter, and then layered the potatoes, cheese, onions, salt, and pepper over and over again. The salt and pepper part are really important so it’s not bland. I  then whisked the flour into the milk and poured it over the whole thing. I covered it and solar cooked it for 6 hours.





Rating: success! It was very good and company ate it! A special shout out to Lia and her family for letting us share their Easter 🙂