We did a family charity run yesterday morning, which was followed closely by one of my kid’s scheduled classes. I ran home in between and frantically tried to find something for lunch. We were out of leftovers, and I hadn’t put anything in the solar cooker to make. Thankfully, I did leave the solar oven outside, so it was hot. (They tell you not to do this, by the way. I see why too. Mine was up to 375 degrees!)

Since it was so nicely preheated, I took a pizza wheel to some corn tortillas in the frig and threw them onto a cookie sheet. I solar cooked them for maybe 15 minutes. The result was some lovely tortilla chips that had no oils!


I served them with some refried beans and salsa and sliced fruit. It was yummy and tasted better than fast food!

Rating: a nice alternative to store chips. We will be doing this again!



I think this is a farewell meal. I didn’t mean for it to be, but I hope it is. We have been trying to become whole food, plant-based eaters for awhile now. Most of it was easy. Meat has never sat well in my tummy (which most likely explains a high school round of vegetarianism). However, we live in the Southwest, which means yummy Mexican food. Really yummy Mexican food. And, invariable, chips to go with it.

I love chips, but the fats, salts, and oils are not to be ignored. They need to go. My parents have decided to take charge of their health too, which means cutting out meat, dairy, sugar, nuts, and oils. I feel inclined to support them by by following suit. My hubby thinks we can use tortillas and potato fries instead. We shall see.

But in meantime, here are solar cooker nachos:

Solar Nachos

Layer the bottom of thebpan with tortilla chips.

Sprinkle them with cooked pinto beans and salsa.

Solar cook till warm and yummy.


Top with chopped avocado.

Rating: the bottom chips were a bit soggie, but the kids both loved it!