Lentil Soup

As you may recall, we started this solar cooking adventure by purchasing a solar oven from craigslist. It is a lovely Sun Oven, and had barely been used. The man we bought it from said that it had been a wedding gift (weird) and that he had only used it once to make lentil soup.

Well, it has certainly made a lot since then, but in honor of it’s maiden voyage (and since we are eating leftovers) we thought we would try a pot of lentil soup. I say ‘we’ because my husband was the chef today. He put about 3 cups of broth in the pot with one cup of lentils, one cup water, and whatever cut vegetables he found in our freezer. 3 morning hours of solar cooking later, we had soup!


Rating: good. The man was right – it will indeed make lentil soup šŸ™‚