And then I ruined the banana bread again

Yep. You guessed it. I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Remember that yummy banana bread from yesterday? The scrumptious one with the pineapple and raisins? Well, I decided it was not nutritious enough. I thought a bit more protein would help. After all, who doesn’t like a bit more nutritional bang?

So I made the same recipe again, but I substituted 1/2 cup hemp powder for 1/2 cup of the rice flour. Hemp is so packed with protein and amino acids that I thought it would be great.

I was wrong. After 2 hours the loaves still wouldn’t solar cook through. I tried cooling them and tasting it – yuck! Very bitter and the pineapple did not help. I took this picture right before I threw it all out:


Rating: awful! Go back to the pineapple banana bread recipe if you want something good!