Zucchini Chips

I have been reading more vegan cookbooks, and there were a few new dishes that I wanted to try out.  At least two of them were snacks.  Snacks are a little hard once you quit eating processed foods, and to be honest, our house eats an insane amount of raisins.  (Seriously – we can’t keep them in the house no matter how many I buy.)  So, in the interest of eating something new, we decided to try out the solar cooker with some zucchini chips.  According to the book (Thrive) they are a tasty snack made entirely from cut zucchini.  Perfect!  (They are on sale, at least….)

Zucchini Chips

2 cut zucchini





I laid the zucchini strips on a parchment paper lined tray and sprinkled them with the seasonings.  The recipe called for cooking them for 30 minutes, but I had mine out there for an hour.  My oven was sitting at about 300 degrees.

And… they were mushy.  I suspect this is supposed to be a high temperature recipe, and it just didn’t translate well at lower temperatures.  They zucchini were edible, but not particularly tasty.  I’m a bit bummed, to be honest.


Rating:  Not recommended.  Snack on baby carrots instead 🙂