Saved by the Potluck

I have the sweetest grandmother. She doesn’t do the internet, so she won’t be reading this, but she is extremely thoughtful. Last week she sent me an envelope of recipes that she thought I might like. I decided to try to make the baked ziti recipe that was in top.

Right away I had some reservations. The original recipe called for several ingredients that we don’t eat, so there was going to have to be a fair number of substitutions.

I decided to try to make the sauce from tofu and butternut squash to go on the gluten-free noodles. I have all of those things handy, so it seemed to make the most sense. I got out the squash, cut it into pieces, and placed it in my solar oven.


Two hours later I took it inside and began scooping out the seeds only to find that they had sprouted!



Disaster! The squash would have tasted awful. As I was scraping it into the compost bin, I was lucky enough to receive an invite to a friend’s house for a potluck. Just in time!

So thank you to Sarah for saving our dinner, and thank you to Grandma for thinking of us, even of I didn’t manage to make your ziti.