Mushy Muffins

Once again, I found this wonderful banana oat muffin recipe on pinterest. I really wanted to bake something edible, and this looked well above that standard.

I mixed up the batter, poured it into my muffin tin with liners, and popped it into my preheated solar oven.

However, it was 3:30 PM. I thought that maybe with the increased sumer heat I would be able to eak out a few more cooking rays.

No suck luck. While I did get the muffins into a 300° F oven, I was not able to sustain the temperature long enough. I ended up with mush.


I will post the recipe if I can manage to make these edible. I put the extra batter into the refrigerator to try again tomorrow.

For those of you new to solar cooking, please remember that if your muffin tin is shiny like mine, then you need to out a black, cotton towel over it when baking so that you aren’t reflecting the sun’s rays back out.

Rating: usual disaster. Better luck tomorrow!