I had this vision that cooking in the summer here would be a breeze. Afterall, it’s almost hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. I can’t go walking or jogging anytime after about 5 AM for fear of getting heat stroke. Shouldn’t that make for excellent solar cooking?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, it doesn’t make for great solar cooking. I have actually had a really rough summer with cooking outdoors. For starters, it’s hot. Too hot to be standing outdoors, and too hot to eat hot food. In fact, it’s so hot I haven’t wanted to cook at all. I have kept up my solar cooking promise – I haven’t cooked indoors in an oven at all, but I have stopped inventing reasons to use it if my dinner doesn’t require it.

Then there is the angle issue. The solar cooker is naturally angled at about 75 degrees from the horizontal, which is great most of the year. However, right now our sun is directly overhead. It has taken me weeks to figure out that the reason my oven isn’t getting as hot as it should is that it isn’t pointing directly upwards. I finally solved this with the help of some bricks, so at least the technical part of cooking is improving.

Hopefully I will find a good bread recipe to try outside soon. In the last few days I have made beans, chicken, and rice. None of them were exciting enough to photograph.

Here’s to hoping it cools off enough soon to cook more!

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