Summer Living

I have been solar cooking.  I swear.  Everyday.

The thing is, it’s hot here, and most of the time, I am down to cooking as an act of need instead of as a fun exercise.  For example, the other day, my husband boiled a chicken.  He does this all the time, and it’s not really much to write about at this point.

I have been baking though.  I made oatmeal raisin cookies for a party on Sunday.  They turned out well, though when you use vegan butter, they don’t spread out the way normal cookies do.  They more resemble little snowballs.

I also had my son’s birthday party yesterday for the family, and I made a carrot cake and carrot muffins for him. They turned out alright, though a little bit soggy at the bottom.

I have to say, I am amazed at how stable the temperatures are in the over.  Usually, in good sun, I get up to about 300 or 350 in the early afternoon.  It doesn’t get higher when it is blazing hot outside (which it is often), and it isn’t much cooler when it is cooler outside.  Science is so cool!

And now my confession, and the real reason I haven’t been updating this blog this week – it’s frankly too hot to cook.  Really.  Every afternoon I think about making food and decide that it would just be better to heat something indoors, or go out to eat, or that maybe we all could use a good salad loaded with beans.  Apparently I am not alone.  Several of my friends have commented on this (one is feeding her kids breakfast for dinner when it gets too bad).  So I will continue to try to log my solar cooking here, but it is surprisingly hard to cook with all this sun!

Wish me luck.  If you have any recipe or dish ideas, please comment.  I’d love something new to try 🙂

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