Sorry for the hiatus.  I meant to have a nice few posts about how brilliant solar cooking is while camping.  I mean, what could be better?  You can cook most anything.  You don’t need electricity.  It’s perfect!

So we went camping this past weekend, and I had an unforeseen solar hiccup – the large solar oven was too big to fit into the car with our other camping equipment.  Even with a two vehicle trip, there just wasn’t space.

But never fear!  I am continuing to cook at home, even though it hasn’t been anything sexy yet.  Yesterdays ago we made ghee for my husband (clarified butter).  It’s not something the vegans in the house eat, but knowing how to make it is cool if you are looking for a nice Indian food taste.  Here’s the recipe, just in case.


1 pound of butter

Put all 4 sticks of butter (unsalted) into a loaf pan.  Warm it in the solar cooker until it is all liquid.  Use coffee filters and loads of patience to skim off the white part that floats to the top.  This is the whey, which contains any milk proteins left in the butter. What is left is primarily fat.  It’s yellow and has a high melting temperature.  Hubby loves it.  I can’t comment personally…

It’s nice to be back!  I’ll try to have some good solar postings soon!

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