I made pasta for dinner last night, which I will post another time, but the real fun yesterday was solar cooking crayons. Yep, crayons. NO, they are not edible. (I have had 3 adults ask that…)

I found myself in need of a quick art project yesterday, so we took all the broken crayons and bits of crayons out of my kids’ art box and removed all the paper that was still on them. We then broke them into pieces and put them into a silicon ice cube tray that was shaped like stars.

I put the tray  in the solar oven around noon, and in 15 minutes they were completely melted. So much so, in fact, that I had to remove the whole tray from the oven, as the silicon was too flexible to remove with liquid in it.


The crayons dried in a few hours and they made beautiful colored stars!


A few words of caution:

I think I ruined my ice cube tray, as the colors seem baked in. Do this in something you don’t mind ruining.

The crayons are somewhat brittle. Color gently.

Do not eat them.

Rating: fun use of solar power!


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