I almost put the title in quotation marks. The solar baking I did yesterday involved a grain – free recipe with a few extra substitutions. It begs the question: at what point is a recipe something completely different then the meal you started out making?

The “scones” are part of my hubby’s GAPS diet, but the question holds for my vegan foods as well. At what point are they bean patties instead of burgers? I’m not sure, but I think I may need to reconsider what I call foods. Case in point, whenever I finally make edible banana bread without gluten, eggs, butter, or sugar, I will probably be forced to rename it.

At any rate, I tried baking two trays of scones yesterday. They took about an hour in the sun oven, and I noticed that the top tray browned nicely while the bottom tray did not. I suspect I should start rotating the trays half way through like you are supposed to do in a conventional oven. They turned out very crumbly, but my long suffering husband loved them. I’m not sure they are actually good, but they seem to make an okay snack.


This recipe began from healthy home

2 1/2 cups almond flour

Pinch salt

2 eggs

4 T honey

1/3 cup applesauce

2 large strawberries, choppee

Mix together all but the strawberries, then fold the berries in. Shape them into triangular wedges and bake on greased cookie sheets for about an hour.


Rating: not scones, but edible for what it is. I’m not sure I would recommend it if you are not on GAPS.

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