Black Bean Disaster Cakes

If you are reading this for a good solar oven recipe, stop here and look back at some of my other posts. I would recommend BBQ lentils, or maybe strawberry crisp. If you want a good laugh, by all means continue.

I had read in some cookbook a recipe for black bean cakes. They were supposed to be an entree, and then you added salsa or spinach or other yummy sides to the top of them. I thought this sounded easy, so I spent the morning cooking black beans in my solar oven. Already this was an issue because by lunchtime they were not yet soft. So, instead of cooking them more in more water, I decided to try to mold them into cakes anyway. In retrospect, this was probably the beginning of my troubles. I think I need to work on cooking beans in enough water to really soften them up.

The original recipe called for several ingredient in the cakes, but I figured salsa would work for most of it, so I just stuffed copious amounts of beans in my food processor with a bit of salsa. The resulting mush I made into little patties and tried once again to solar cook.

Three hours later I brought inside pans of black bean crumble. It was awful. I put I with salsa and chips to try to salvage some portion of dinner, but it tasted pretty bad, and since the beans were hard, it’s been a “tooty” house. Blech!

I don’t have a picture because I was too frustrated to take one, but we will not be trying this again.

Rating: miserable!

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