Squash Fries

One again, I am attempting to find food that everyone in the house can eat. Hubby can’t have potatoes or sweet potatoes, so I wanted to try to find a French fry alternative for him. I had read that you can make baked fries by roasting butternut squash. So, around lunchtime I peeled and scooped out a butternut squash and then cut it into the best French fry shapes I could muster. Here’s my before picture:


They took 3 hours to cook in the solar cooker, and they didn’t get crispy. I would say this was a fair way to get squash, but maybe it needs longer to be more like a French fry? Perhaps a bit of oil would have helped?

Squash Fries

Peel, seed, and cut one butternut squash into strips.

Optional: coat with oil and sprinkle with salt

Roast on parchment paper till crispy.

Rating: fair try. I will do this again, but probably with some better sun and a little oil. My kids and husband ate them like fries though, so it wasn’t a bad side dish for dinner!


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