Here comes the chicken!

I apologize in advance for the relatively unexciting food this week. We just got our cooker and we are still taking it out for a spin to see what it will do. Which leads me to yesterday’s masterpiece (drum roll): a whole chicken.

I think I mentioned that my husband is on the GAPS diet, which allows no grains but loads of meat. Love, by the way, is having your vegan wife cook you chicken. Anyway, most of his meat is to be boiler or baked on low heat for several hours. I thought this would make trying to solar cook it perfect!

Simple Solar Oven Chicken

1 chicken

Rosemary, salt, a bay leaf


I preheated the cast iron pot in the solar oven so that we wouldn’t have any food safety issues. Then I put in the chicken, sprinkled it generously with rosemary, added the salt and bay leaf, and filled it half full of water. I covered it with the lid and cooked it for 6 hours in the Sun Oven.

I was rather nervous about this recipe for two reasons. First, my husband needed this food so messing it up would be bad, and second, it was overcast. It’s almost never overcast here, so I wasn’t expecting that. It definitely affected the temperature of the cooker. It only got up to 250°F once and spenyblots more time around 150°F. Thankfully, when we checked the chicken at the end, it had an internal temperature of 190°F and was moist and cooked!

Rating: I didn’t actually eat it, but my husband said it was good, and I’m excited to not have to cook meat indoors all summer. So I think that makes this a success all around!

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